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Presenting The Blacksmith’s Anvil For Auction

Presenting The Blacksmith’s Anvil For Auction

How To Present A Blacksmith’s Anvil For Auction

Why go to the effort to present the blacksmith’s anvil for auction?

Simply put, by going to the effort to present your blacksmith’s anvil you will attract more bidder interest and potentially more dollars. At Hinter Auctions, we believe that presentation is key not only for a blacksmith’s anvil but for any item submitted for auction. Well presented items also photograph well against a clean backdrop (we use a photo booth at the auction house) which will attract the attention of catalogue visitors also.

How to simply clean the blacksmith’s anvil

For the most part, the simple use of a soft brass brush will be sufficient to clean up the blacksmith’s anvil. The use of a brush on a drill or grinder will speed up the process but a hand brush will also do the trick. During the cleaning process, the brass brush will also lay down some colour to really emphasize the clean and shiny black steel look that is pleasing to the eye. Note – be careful not to overdo it with the brass brush as to bring out an overly golden look.

Oiling or coating the blacksmith’s anvil

Oiling or coating the blacksmith’s anvil is definitely NOT RECOMMENDED. For the blacksmith to use the anvil effectively the oil or coating must be burned or cleaned off. For presentation in the auction house, it presents a real problem as firstly the lot number will not stick and as viewers will naturally want to touch the anvil there is the potential for the oil or coating to tarnish other lots.

Not just for the blacksmith’s anvil

Whilst I have demonstrated how to present the blacksmith’s anvil, this technique can be used on almost any stell item that the nice black steel look will present best. For finer items definitely opt for the handheld brass brush. For heavily rusted items it may be necessary to use a steel brush prior to the use of the brass brush.

Whatever the product is remember that presentation is key to attracting bidder interest and the best dollars at auction.