Below are the forms used for consignment, bidder registration and absentee bids. Just click on the form and download.

Bidders Registration Form


Sellers Consignment Form

Absentee Bidders Form


Filling In The Worksheet

ITEM FULL NUMBER – This is the inventory number and ties the item to a vendor and will stay with it even if it moves from one auction to another. Put this on each item as it comes in. Start at 1000 and then just keep going up from there. All your inventory no’s need to have the suffix G on them to define them as Gympie inventory.

LOT FULL NUMBER – This is the lot number per auction. You won’t fill this in until you have the auction laid out. Then number from 1 upwards and use the Item/Inventory Number to find it on the Spreadsheet.

CATEGORY – We use Categories as it helps people who are looking for just one type of item. Important that you use exactly the spelling we have or it will add a new category to the system. I have done another sheet with them so you can just copy and paste in

LOT NAME – A Fairly Brief Name for the Lot

LOT DESCRIPTION – I just use the lot name – then add any other info like approx. size, any defects etc.

LOW ESTIMATE – Just a figure

HIGH ESTIMATE – Just a figure

RESERVE – Just a figure if they have one. If none, leave blank. No reserves taken under $50. Please also make consignors aware that there is a No-Sale fee on reserved lots of 5.5% capped at $11. 

CONSIGNOR – Who it belongs to – Just use their name as it is entered on the consignment sheet including any gaps or hyphens etc.