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Can’t make the auction? Never fear, you can still participate in the auction with absentee bids

What is an absentee bid?

An absentee bid is exactly as it sounds. It is a bid placed by a potential buyer who wishes to compete for a lot (or lots) but cannot be present during the auction. Absentee bids are a service offered to our bidders at Hinter Auctions.

How do I submit an absentee bid?

The first step is to ensure you have registered as a bidder with Hinter Auctions. Bidders are required to required to be registered prior to bidding at auction (this includes absentee bidders).

If you are not registered you will be required to supply:

  • Your name
  • Physical address
  • Phone number
  • Photo ID (or valid credit card for online bidders)

Once registered, absentee bids can be submitted :

In person

Download, fill and submit to the auctioneer or auction staff

Must be received by close of business the day prior to the auction

By email or phone

Details required are:

  • Your name (you may be asked to verify your ID)
  • The lot number/s
  • The lot title/s
  • Your maximum bid amount
  • The absentee bid form can be copied and forwarded to us also

Contact details here…

Must be received by close of business the day prior to the auction


To submit an absentee bid online:

  • Register or login
  • Enter your user details (new registrations)
  • Enter your billing information (all online bidders require credit card validation to bid)
  • Go to the item in the catalogue
  • Enter your maximum bid amount

Online absentee bids can be submitted up to the time the lot is offered.


Please note that all bids submitted are subject to the buyers premium, online fees and applicable taxes. Please read the terms and conditions of the auction prior to bidding.

How are absentee bids executed?

Absentee bids are recorded and are visible to the auctioneer during bidding. The auction commences as per normal by firstly establishing a starting bid (usually from the floor in a live auction). Further bids are then asked for at the current increment amounts declared by the auctioneer. The auctioneer will bid on your behalf against present bidders up to your maximum bid amount.

When bidding has been exhausted and your bid has not been exceeded you will be declared the winning bidder at the current bid price. Your bid is unsuccessful if your maximum bid has been exceeded.

What if there are multiple absentee bids?

If there are multiple absentee bids on the books, then by default bids will be executed by the auctioneer on behalf of the bidder who submitted the highest absentee bid. The starting bid is established by the second highest absentee bid unless a higher bid comes from the floor.

Let me explain using the below example of absentee bidders #1, #2 and #3 who submitted the below bid amounts:

  1. $40
  2. $50
  3. $100

In this scenario bidders #1 and #2 have already been outbid by bidder #3. The starting bid will be one bidding increment above the bid placed by bidder #2.

In this case, the starting bid would be $55 (using the Hinter Auctions bid increments). On behalf of bidder #3, the auctioneer will bid against the floor up to their maximum amount of $100. If there are only 3 more bids after the start then bidder #3 will be declared the winning bidder buying the lot for $70. If bidding exceeds $100 then bidder #3 is also unsuccessful.

Need to know more about the auction process?

At Hinter Auctions, we strive to take the mystery out of the auction process and make bidding an enjoyable experience.

If you are considering buying, selling at auction please feel free to contact us any time. We would love to help.



by Richard Hansen

by Richard Hansen


Richard is a licensed chattels auctioneer and a director of Hinter Auctions based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. He regularly posts updates and useful tips helping visitors understand the value of true price discovery and the auction method of marketing.

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