Presenting The Blacksmith’s Anvil For Auction

Presenting The Blacksmith’s Anvil For Auction

How To Present A Blacksmith’s Anvil For Auction

Why go to the effort to present the blacksmith’s anvil for auction?

Simply put, by going to the effort to present your blacksmith’s anvil you will attract more bidder interest and potentially more dollars. At Hinter Auctions, we believe that presentation is key not only for a blacksmith’s anvil but for any item submitted for auction. Well presented items also photograph well against a clean backdrop (we use a photo booth at the auction house) which will attract the attention of catalogue visitors also.

How to simply clean the blacksmith’s anvil

For the most part, the simple use of a soft brass brush will be sufficient to clean up the blacksmith’s anvil. The use of a brush on a drill or grinder will speed up the process but a hand brush will also do the trick. During the cleaning process, the brass brush will also lay down some colour to really emphasize the clean and shiny black steel look that is pleasing to the eye. Note – be careful not to overdo it with the brass brush as to bring out an overly golden look.

Oiling or coating the blacksmith’s anvil

Oiling or coating the blacksmith’s anvil is definitely NOT RECOMMENDED. For the blacksmith to use the anvil effectively the oil or coating must be burned or cleaned off. For presentation in the auction house, it presents a real problem as firstly the lot number will not stick and as viewers will naturally want to touch the anvil there is the potential for the oil or coating to tarnish other lots.

Not just for the blacksmith’s anvil

Whilst I have demonstrated how to present the blacksmith’s anvil, this technique can be used on almost any stell item that the nice black steel look will present best. For finer items definitely opt for the handheld brass brush. For heavily rusted items it may be necessary to use a steel brush prior to the use of the brass brush.

Whatever the product is remember that presentation is key to attracting bidder interest and the best dollars at auction.

Hinter Auctions Are On The Move

Hinter Auctions Are On The Move

Hinter Auctions will now be conducting in-house auctions from new premises

Why move to a new auction house?

Whilst our previous auction house served its purpose enabling us to hold some amazing auctions it became apparent that we would grow out of it quickly. One of the main drawbacks was that the same room acted as an intake and auction room meaning that we could not take goods until the previous auction had completely cleared. Along with the need for a separate intake room extra space was required for the auction itself allowing for a better layout of lots and more room for bidders. So the hunt began to facilitate our requirements.

Where is the new auction house?

Our new auction house is situated in the industrial area of Cooroy on the Sunshine Coast.

Front Entrance

The address is:

13 Jarrah Street
Cooroy, 4563
Queensland, Australia

When will the new auction house be open?

Renovations are currently underway and we will be conducting the first in-house auction of 2022 on Sunday, February 13, 2022. The intake room (yes a separate intake room) will be open in mid-January once we have cleared the room and installed security cameras.

Benefiting auction bidders

There are several benefits to bidders attending the in-house auctions.

  • Parking – As the auction house is situated in the industrial area of Cooroy and due to the fact that a majority of auctions are held outside of normal business hours plenty of street parking is available. Limited onsite parking will be available for our disabled guests)
  • Generous auction room area – Having a larger area will allow for better viewing and easier movement around the auction room.
  • Separate registration area – As you walk in the front doors you will be greeted with a generous reception and bidder registration area. This area is separate from the auction room allowing for less disturbance during the auction.
  • Disabled access – All areas in the auction house are on level ground allowing for easy wheelchair access. One of the bathrooms has also been specially fitted with handrails.

Benefiting auction vendors

There are several benefits for vendors selling through the new auction house

Auction Intake Entrance


  • Separate and spacious intake room – The intake room is spacious and well laid out allowing for an easier view of consigned goods.
  • Flexible intake days – Whilst we will still require vendors to book for intake there will be more booking options available to enter consigned items.
  • Security – The intake room is being fitted with security cameras and will be closed off during auctions
  • Easy access – Intake is through the double doors at the back entrance. Vehicles can enter the premises through the front entrance and accessing the back entrance via the side road. Exit is via the back gate allowing for larger vehicles and trailers.

Please come and join us for our opening auction

Here at Hinter Auctions we still believe in the live auction concept despite the fact that demand requires us to add online bidding. Having bidders in the room adds to the auction atmosphere and we would love to see you at our opening auction at the new premises on Sunday, February 13, 2022.

We will keep you updated as renovations progress.

Please note that the images used on this post are for basic illustration only and the finished premises may look different